SGS Z Carb AP Variable Geometry Solid Carbide End Mill

SGS Z Carb-AP solid carbide end mills are a market leading product. A product by which others are judged. These high performance solid carbide end mills increase productivity by allowing you to cut deeper and wider without the damaging effects of harmonics. How is this achieved? The Z Carb-AP end mills have an unequal flute spacing which helps to disrupt the rhythmic pattern created during the milling process. Unequal helix design changes the angle each cutting edge enters and exits the material during milling, reducing harmful harmonics. SGS have gone even further and applied a patented variable rake angle which controls the cutting zone temperature and produces ideal chip shape and size. The Ti-Namite-X coating provides increased tool wear resistance. Z Carb-AP end mills are available in sizes from Ø1.5 – 25mm, standard length and long reach designs. Steel, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Titanium Alloy and Ni Alloys can all be machined by these fantastic milling cutters. HPC milling at its very best. If you would like more information or would like to put these milling cutters to the test, please contact us.