Once you have purchased tooling from us you are not on your own. We can help your production team make the best of them. Having the correct cutting data and information as to how the tools work best can make a world of difference. If the tools are used in the right way your machine process becomes easier. At any point during your purchase we offer to help.

You may have a new machine and you want to make the best of its capabilities. We can put together a tooling package that is suitable for materials you work with and the type of work you do. We can make a site visit and establish with you what you require and we can guide you how this can be achieved.

You may wish you could get work onto your machines but capacity is tight. One way to resolve this issue would be to purchase a new cnc machine, but before you do that it might be a good idea to look at the cutting tools and holders used and methods employed. By making simple changes the results can be profound.

Process improvement might be something you are aware needs doing but not sure where to start or your resources are tight. Allow us to take some of the pressure away. We’ll work in partnership with you, evaluate were improvements can be made and help you put together a programme of advancements.

Brands we supply